running around

I’ve realized that, once again, I’ve let more than a week go by between posts. I’ve had a lot going on, in my head as well as my life, and I can’t quite manage to get my thoughts together enough for a real post. So I will fall back once more on posting some photos. Here a few from last weekend, when we went for a picnic and walk along a trail that runs beside canal by one of the old mills in a neighboring town.

15 thoughts on “running around

  1. The pictures of the kids holding hands are precious. And I love the “action shot” of Phoebe running away from the camera.

    Is Phoebe wearing socks or tights?
    Whichever they are, I LOVE THEM! Colorful! stripey on one leg! jigsawpuzzly on the other! asymmetric!

  2. I love those photos of your kids with the tracks leading toward the building in the background.

    I went to Bend (oregon) and visited with Jennifer (under the ponderosas). Your ears may have been burning, as we agreed that we liked you a lot. We also agreed that you should write more about linguistics. We promise to be riveted!

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