America’s Most Dangerous Vegetables

I think that would be a catchy name for a TV show. America’s Most Dangerous Vegetables. Each week, the show could highlight some sort of menacing produce: murderous-looking rutabagas, carrots with vicious points, or dainty new potatoes that pose a threat as choking hazards. All of them would pale in comparison with this week’s monster:

This artichoke does not want to be eaten.

Check out the size of those spikes! This thing tore through a reusable produce bag…and drew blood! I felt like I was declawing it rather than trimming it.

10 thoughts on “America’s Most Dangerous Vegetables

  1. I, too, have managed to injure myself on artichokes. They are truly treacherous. (On the other hand, I once drew blood with a candy bar, so I suppose perhaps I am a danger to myself even without those menacing vegetables!)

  2. I tried to make fresh artichokes a few months ago, having no idea how difficult they were to prepare. I still refer to that episode as “The Great Artichoke Massacre of 2010.”

  3. I was attacked by an artichoke over the weekend. Thought I was alone in my misery. I’m definitely watching that show when it finally airs!

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