she takes after me

I’m not sure I was ever that cute, but Phoebe certainly takes after me in many ways. For one, she has inherited my deep love of artichokes. (These were some photos from April. I had this idea to try using the water from steaming artichokes as an Easter egg dye. Usually the water is an intense, often bluish, green. Of course, that time the water was a dingy gray brown, so we opted not to try for olive drab eggs. Remind me to tell you about the cabbage experiments, though. They were more colorful.)

Tonight, we finally got around to eating the artichokes I trimmed yesterday, the most lethal-looking of which was featured on America’s Most Dangerous Vegetables. Theo, who loves to eat breakfast but has decreasing interest in food over the course of the day, has been wary of trying new foods at dinnertime. This was the first time we managed to get him to try artichoke. I’m quite happy to say that he was instantly taken with them, too. (Though it is a happiness tinged with sadness, as we will no longer be able to eat his unclaimed artichoke. And, alas, our pan can only hold 4 artichokes.)

(I have more to say, about artichokes, even, but I need to get to bed. I’ve had an exhausting day of digging through cabinets and closets looking in preparation for Saturday’s event of terror.)

8 thoughts on “she takes after me

  1. love the blue eyes!! :)

    and can i just say i love that your pictures look like ones that could have been taken in my house. in that the background shows that life happens, and not a magazine shoot. thank you. :)

  2. You are very ambitious: daily blogging AND a garage sale in the same month!
    You and your kids are right: Artichokes, despite their thorns, are truly the most delicious of all vegetables. In order to cook more of them at once, you could perhaps use more than one pan?
    Tell us about the cabbage experiments!

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