for want of some socks

I had another good day at the conference, and then an unanticipated dinner out with some lovely people, most of whom I just met. I only just got home a bit before midnight. (So, yeah. This daily posting business isn’t working so well right now.)

The definite downside to today was the unreasonably painful blisters I now have on my feet, which can be attributed both to Sox and lack of socks. You see, I neglected to check the Red Sox schedule before planning out my day at the conference, and realized too late that my planned arrival time to see a friend’s talk was right around the start of a game at Fenway. I rushed out as early as I could manage, hoping that parking would still be okay. However, I had to park about a mile away from the conference. That would have been fine, as I was early for my friend’s talk. However, I had foolishly chosen to wear newish shoes without socks, in a misguided attempt to look both somewhat presentable and somewhat summery. Had I been able to park close to the conference, I probably would have been fine. Or had I worn socks. As it was, my feet started to blister quite quickly, and by the time I purchased bandaids, and later even socks, the damage was already done. I was pretty much hobbling by the end of the evening, and even walked around without shoes for quite a bit. (I would like to note that while you may be imagining that I was wearing some sort of impractical girly shoes with heels or some such, those of you who know me in person probably won’t be surprised to learn that my shoes looked comfortable. They were deceitful shoes.)

Also, I forgot to bring my camera into town with me. I got a new iPod touch (with built in cameras) for my birthday, so I did at least take a few shots for project 365, but they were all pretty lame. I like this one from yesterday better.

Even though the conference is still going on the next 2 days, I’ve pretty much decided not to go in. I have a lot of things I need to get done, and I’m pretty wiped out from all the commuting.

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