Project 365: a few of my favorite photos (part 1)

I wrapped up Project 365 a few days ago, and have a really long, rambling summary post in the works. (I bet you can’t wait!) However, seeing as it was a photography project, I thought I should post “a few” of my favorite photos from the year. And seeing as I had trouble picking, “a few” apparently means “a number so large that I should probably not try to squeeze them all into one post.” So, I’ve split them. Here are some from the first 6 months, listed by month. I’ve even listed my monthly themes, which I haven’t really shared before.¹

Month 1: reflections

011:365 New York City building reflections

019:365 Inside and outside, at my in-laws’

028:365 Rain drops on the train window

Month 2: shadows

043:365 Shadow of a lightbulb

045:365 Floating bike rack

062:365 Menacing bunny slipper

Month 3: Text

072:365 Up

090:365 Wood, stone

091:365 No trespassing

Month 4: motion blur

107:365 flashing light ring in motion

110:365 My Docs

111:365 Comparing apples to oranges

Month 5: light(s)

126:365 Silhouette

132:365 Compact fluorescent

138:365 tail lights through rainy windshield

139:365 Burnt out

Month 6: patterns

154:365 Milk crates in snow

170:335 Orange cones at the SFO airport Bart station

¹I wondered if people would be able to guess…

11 thoughts on “Project 365: a few of my favorite photos (part 1)

  1. Oooh, I’m glad you’re posting these here. These are so cool. I especially like how you incorporate themes from other months sometimes, like in 072. Or better, 043: Light(bulb), shadow, AND reflection!

  2. You have a great eye for unique shots! I veer toward people/children and forget about how interesting non-living things can be in photography.

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