It’s been ages since I’ve participated in PhotoHunt, but once again I’m inspired. (I continue to enjoy seeing weekly or near-weekly entries from YTSL and azahar, and every once in a while, the theme sparks something in my brain.¹) This time the theme is “waiting.” Here was a photo I took in Hong Kong on my trip there in August.

Speaking of Hong Kong, photos and waiting, sorry to keep anyone waiting for my next installment of my trip recap. It’s coming soon. I have drafts for days 2 through 8 in various stages of completion. Day 2 should be ready soon. Please stand by.

¹ Interesting that last time² inspiration struck was when I posted a photo from azahar‘s city, and this time from YTSL‘s.
² I would also like to point out that the aforementioned photo, which was for the theme “silhouette,” was one of unintentionally funniest photos I’ve ever taken. I aimed for pretty, and what I got made me burst out laughing.

5 thoughts on “waiting

  1. Was this one of the photos you took without looking into the viewer, Alejna? :)

    And speaking of waiting: I’m happy that my patience is going to be soon rewarded in spades in terms of upcoming Hong Kong trip blog entries! :)

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