potato prints

This morning, I decided to do an art project with the kids. Specifically, we made potato prints. (I’ll let you guess what inspired me to do this particular project…) We’re at my in-laws’, and I didn’t want to risk getting paint on the furniture (or walls), so we worked out in the backyard. It was a beautiful day to be outside, but a bit windy for a project involving paper. Phoebe’s tendency to collect piles of rocks came in handy, providng us a ready supply of paperweights.

I can’t remember when I last made potato prints. I’m not sure I have done this as an adult, even. It was a lot of fun. (It would have been more fun if not for the wind.) And I did like the way the prints came out. I loved the way the thick paint made veiny patterns on the prints. (We used some washable Crayola paints that John picked up at the grocery store.)

See the slideshow, below, for more photos from this morning, and this morning’s results. I put even more photos up on Flickr.

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7 thoughts on “potato prints

  1. This is so cool!! The “potato print” entry on the list was a nice reminder of this technique, which I’m pretty sure I haven’t used since childhood. I wonder if I could get a group of friends (possibly friends with kids…) interested in doing this with me? Anyway, I’m excited that you decided to do this with the kids. The photos are great. I especially liked the potato print plaid.

  2. I haven’t done potato prints since I was a kid. One year my mom had us print all sorts of Christmas-y shapes on brown Kraft paper. Then we used the paper as wrapping paper. The result wasn’t quite as cute as it sounds– but boy did we have fun making that paper!

  3. I haven’t made potato prints, but I did have big foam stamps that the kids used to make Xmas cards and Valentines when they were preschoolers. I’m craving some time with paint and paper. This week, I hope to make it happen…

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