draggin’ a little

So much for my series of dragons…Life and work got hectic over the past week, and I never quite managed to find enough time and energy to get another post together. But I’ve been productive, so that’s good. In the last week I’ve gotten 2 conference acceptances (1 talk and 1 poster), helped to wrap up one project for work, jump started another project with a group of undergrads, had a trip to visit the in-laws’, and dealt with dozens of minor obligations and other miscellaneous activities. Including selling Girl Scout cookies. And going iceskating for the first time in my adult life. I was also called an asshole by a total stranger (in an incident relating neither to the iceskating nor to the cookies, but it would be fun to come up with a story involving both).

In any case, I’m feeling a wee bit tired. And I’m definitely draggin’ a little. But I wasn’t too tired to drag out and photograph this little dragon left over from Phoebe’s birthday party favors last year.

A little dragon.

5 thoughts on “draggin’ a little

  1. Cute title, and very cute little dragon!
    Congratulations on being so productive! Maybe it will rub off on your readers (or at least, on me).
    Also, dragons (or dragon posts) that arrive behind schedule will still be welcome. After all, it’s the YEAR of the dragon, not just a week!

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