spring fever

Spring has definitely arrived here. Possibly with a vengeance.

I’m not generally prone to seasonal allergies, but there have been a few times in my life when I have wondered if I’ve been beset. This being one of them.

This week is Phoebe’s school vacation. On Tuesday morning, we had Phoebe’s annual check-up scheduled. (Almost 2 months after her birthday. We’d had to reschedule a couple of times.) I was going to take the kids to the dentist in the afternoon (way to vacation!), but the hygienist had to reschedule, so we had an unexpected free afternoon. It was a beautiful hot, sunny day, and I thought we should spend some time outside in the window between lunch and Phoebe’s karate class. A trip to the town playground was in order!

We got ourselves together and over to the park remarkably quickly, given my reduced ability to nag. (And I totally felt like a responsible adult when I remembered that we should wear sunscreen. I have to pat myself on the back for these rare moments.)

The kids had lots of fun. Phoebe dug up a worm and picked dandelions. Theo climbed and jumped off rocks.They slid on slides and swung on swings. Both kids ran around and interacted with other kids.

But I was zonked. I think we were there for a little more than an hour, but it felt like an eternity. I tried to occupy myself by taking some photos, something that can usually keep me quite content for long stretches of time, but I barely had the will to focus, what with all the coughing and the sneezing and the blowing of the nose. I fantasized about being at home, curled up on the couch, box of tissues at my side. Happily, Theo started to get overheated! Yes! I suggested we could go home and watch an episode of Scooby Doo. This was effective at luring Phoebe away from her enjoyment of the great outdoors as well.

So we went home to sit inside and watch some TV.¹

Brought to you by Great Moments in Parenting.

¹ For the record, I did decline to give them bowls of candy and potato chips to munch on. And I hardly let them have any beer or crack.

7 thoughts on “spring fever

  1. Hi Alejna —

    Re allergies: in the last couple of years in Philadelphia, I developed hay fever. After leaving, I no longer have it. (Touch wood.) This even though I now live in Hong Kong which is infamous for its air pollution, etc.

    Have read that this time of the year is prime pollen allergy season in the US. Take care!

  2. Allergies are exhausting. i never had them until I moved to NOLA, and then they were nuts. I would be feeling exhausted and run down and sick every early spring, and then several days later the earth was covered in pine pollen. Took me about 2 years to make the connection. Duh.

  3. Sounds awful.
    I don’t seem to have seasonal allergies, but it wasn’t until I left for college and then came back home for winter break that I suddenly realized that my nighttime wheezing while at home was due to the cats, and that I had not had this problem for my entire first semester in the dorms.
    Nice photos, though! I like the one of Theo in mid-air.
    Have you tried allergy meds? Might be worth a shot…

  4. Not that I’m happy you have allergies, but it’s good to know I’m not the only one feeling like a mess at this time of year! I never had allergies before so I never knew what they were like, but my whole system’s been out of whack for weeks. Hope yours clear up soon!

  5. I’ve got the sneezles this spring too. Early onset of flowering trees, I guess.

    If I forget the grand kid’s sunscreen, she reminds me. Talk about allergies, she has one to tree nuts. She reads labels and caught her aunt out on a container of cocoa powder last week that aunt had not read. You don’t need to be a parent to this kid – she is Responsible. I hate to think of her teens.

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