Pulling the plug.

No, I’m not pulling the plug on the blog. It’s this little guy whose days are over:

Yes, my sad, tired little Motorola flip phone is finally getting retired.

I remember well the day I got this phone. Not so much because it was an exciting phone, but because I got it at the same time as John got his first iPhone. As in the day the *first* iPhones came out. I wasn’t ready yet to commit to such an expensive phone, but since we were getting a new plan, I got my new phone.

That was a little more than 5 years ago. I know this because I posted this on that day:

original iPhone

So, 5 years old. The phone is a good year older than my second born, who is just starting pre-K. If my phone were a human, it would be getting ready to start kindergarten in the fall. It might be learning to read and write its name.

As a gadget, though, it is ancient. Its memory is failing. (It can’t always find its sim card.) It tires easily. (It won’t hold a charge.) It’s looking dated and is showing its years. (The case is frayed and they don’t even make accessories for it anymore.) And I’m pretty sure the thing is on a daily regimen of metamucil. (Really, I have no phone-related analogy for that one.)

Yesterday, John brought me home a shiny new iPhone. I used it to take the photo above of my old phone. Of course, then I thought I should have a photo of the new phone, so I used my old phone to take a photo of the new phone.

Naturally, I thought I should get another shot with my new phone of the old phone with the photo of the new phone with the photo of the old phone.

How could I then resist taking a photo with the new phone of the old phone showing a photo of the new phone with a photo of the old phone?

And yet another photo with the new phone, showing the old phone with a photo of the new phone with the photo of the old phone with the photo of the new phone showing that first photo of the old phone.

It’s really not clear to me how long I would have continued in this vein if Phoebe had not pointed out to me that it was well past lunch time, and that she was hungry.

So now it’s time to let the phone run out of battery one last time, and pack up the old phone and its less-than-fully-functional accessories.

Rest in peace, once trusty flip phone. May you forever hold your charge in the afterworld. (Send me a text when you get there.)

8 thoughts on “Pulling the plug.

  1. How sad! But I started to worry when I saw you going down the fractal wormhole there. Good thing your daughter rescued you!

  2. I love all the pics. :) I also got a Razr in 2007, just a few months after we got married, while the whole world was going apeshit over the iPhone. Since then, I’ve had to retired my Razr (I stepped on it and cracked the outside screen), my Samsung Intensity (Simon sucked on it and made it so I couldn’t hear anyone on the other end), and my Samsung Intensity II (which was dropped in water and put in rice numerous times but was finally replaced when it got “lost” for over two months – thanks, Simon!). I now have an iPhone too, but mine is white. :)

  3. I have a Motorola flip phone that is even older than yours! I keep thinking that when it breaks I’ll get an iPhone, but the silly old thing just keeps going. I rather like its small size, so I’m not motivated to break it on purpose so that I can justify getting a smart phone. Such a silly predicament to be in.

    But looking at your photos & reading your words, I wonder if the time to move on is now…?

  4. Haha! I took a picture of Nathan taking a picture of me taking a picture of HIM the other day and I thought that was fairly complicated.

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