by the seat of my pants

Do you remember how a couple of years ago, when BlogHer was hosted in New York, I managed to get my act together to go rather last-minute? This might give you a sense of déja-vu.

A while back, I learned that conference was again going to be in New York. I thought I’d just ignore it. Then I began hearing murmurs that some of my much loved and admired blog crushes were going to be there. I found myself wanting to go. With all the stuff I had going on, I wasn’t sure that it made sense for me to go anyhow. On the one hand, I have a lot going on. (I’m busy, I’m tired. I have a job. I have kids.) On the other hand, New York is so easily accessible for me, and I don’t often get to see my blogger friends. On the other hand, I only have two hands, but that’s never stopped me from this sort of back and forth debate with myself before.

A couple of months ago, I made a decision. I decided to put “decide about BlogHer” on my to-do list.

Yesterday I checked it off the list.

From my seat in a BlogHer session.

A few days ago, I still wondered about going, but I had a few obstacles. Like no conference registration, no hotel reservation, and no childcare for Friday. Also, I had not really discussed the whole scheme with John, whose participation was also needed. But then a few days ago, the fantabulous Magpie offered to share her hotel room with me. Then on Wednesday I inquired about having the kids go to the daycare on Friday, having only moderate hopes given the short notice and the place’s dependence on staffing. But the answer turned out to be “yes.” Wednesday evening, I brought up the subject with John, and he was willing (if not eager) for me to go. I went to the BlogHer website and registered for the conference Wednesday night, 7 hours before the cut-off. Thursday night I took the train down to New York. Amazingly, all my ducks lined up in a row. And I didn’t even have to shoot them.

Last time I went to BlogHer, I really enjoyed meeting and spending time with some great people, but there were some things that left me feeing unhappy. All the swag and corporate sponsorship left me feeling dirty, and there were some things that gave me flashbacks to the dark days of junior high. But this year, I was better prepared. I was determined not to come home with a giant bag of useless crap, and I set my expectations low for networking with new people. In the end, I had a wonderful time. Things were a bit rushed, as I opted for a fairly early return today (Saturday), but it was probably good that I didn’t have time to feel burnt out from it all.

I got to spend time hanging out with a few of my favorite bloggers (and favorite writers, for that matter), at times following them around like a love-sick puppy dog. I heard some great talks and panels–funny, inspiring, moving, informative. I met some great people. I also attended some big-name talks, which I enjoyed more than I expected. All of it made me wish that I could blog more. I even tweeted, which is probably one of the signs of the apocalypse.

I have more to say about who and what I did and saw (not that I “did” anyone), but it’s after 11 at night now, and I should get to bed. I’ll probably just save the rest “for later,” which means placing it along with the other 500+ embryonic posts in my drafts folder.

A view from the hotel room this afternoon. I have a lot more photos to share…too many for tonight.

13 thoughts on “by the seat of my pants

    1. I met a few people whose blogs I am still tracking down–though I did follow several of them on twitter to help me remember to track them down.

    1. It was wonderful to see you, too, Sarah! I was so glad we were able to hang out. Thanks for introducing me to some of your friends, too.

    1. Hi! So glad to have seen you, too. I enjoyed having lots of time chat/rant with you. Thanks so much for putting me up/putting up with me!

  1. Sounds like a great experience! I’m glad you managed to get it all to work so you could go. Sometimes it’s more fun to do things like that on the spur of the moment!

    1. Thanks, Sally, It did all work out nicely. Probably better than I could have planned. There were lots of serendipitous moments.

      And welcome back! I look forward to hearing about your latest trip.

  2. I’m so happy that everything worked out & you got to go. I’ve never been & would like to experience BlogHer just once. So instead of not going [again] I’ll enjoy reading what you might have to say about your experiences this year… or in previous years.

    1. Thanks, Ally! I’ll hopefully have a bit of time to share some more. (I have a couple of mostly-finished drafts, but still not a lot of substance about what I did at the conference. And actually, I did attend some sesions of substance that deserver mentioning!)

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