right (friday foot finder)

This week’s friday¹ foto finder theme is “right.” I was all set to post a different photo, or possibly a set of photos, when my autocorrect² once again changed the “foto” in my post title to “foot.” I took this as a sign to change directions.³ I present to you a right foot that I found in my photo archives.

This is Theo’s right foot, pressed up against the inside of the car window, when he was about 2 and a half. You may note that the inside of the window bears not only finger prints, but toe prints.

¹ Yes, I realize it is now Saturday, but I was travelling all week, and while expected to have time to post yesterday, it didn’t quite work out.
² I typically compose my posts in my email application on my laptop, and a recent upgrade brought the joys of autocorrect (once known to me only from my iPad) to my laptop.
³ By making a right turn?

5 thoughts on “right (friday foot finder)

    1. I should post those photos! (It’s ridiculous how many things–photos, especiallly–I intend to post, but set aside. Sometimes I wish I could devote whole days to blogging and get caught up.)

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