mailbox (friday foto finder)

It was bound to happen one of these days. Archie picked a theme for this week’s friday foto finder that is not well represented in my photo library. This week, he chose “mailbox.”

I suppose I could just run outside and snap a photo of our home mailbox, but it’s really not a very interesting one. Instead, I dug out this photo of a standard US mailbox outside the post office in Beulah, Colorado, that I took in 2005. (Perhaps I should disambiguate. I took the photo in 2005. Not the mailbox. I did not take the mailbox in 2005. It would not have fit in my luggage.) Okay, the photo is still not all that interesting. However, it is fun to see what standard mailboxes look like around the world. At this point, I believe that the other participants of friday foto finder are in Europe & Australia.

Actually, I think that the photo below is also of a mailbox, but I don’t entirely remember. I took this one (the photo, silly) in 2010, and if memory serves, it’s the top of a mailbox outside the karate school. In any case, I find the photo more interesting.

To see what other mailboxes people have posted,¹ go check out the friday foto finder blog.

Coincidentally, I just this week came across a collection of photos of mailboxes from around the world at the Postcrossing Facebook page, where Michele, of Voix de Michele, shared a photo of a mailbox in Abu Dhabi.

¹ Ha! Posted!

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