Tidings of comfort and joy.

For the past several years, Neil of Citizen of the Month has put together a remarkable online concert to celebrate the many and varied holidays of the winter season, and he has graciously hosted once more. Please go check out the amazing musical and photographic stylings on exhibit at The Seventh Annual Blogger Christmahanukwanzaakah Online Holiday Concert. As always, the entries are varied and wondrous.

I didn’t manage to get my act together this round, for a variety of reasons, but I hope to again next year. You can find me and my voice in several of the past concerts, but I’m too lazy to see which. Last year was one.

I have been in a dark place since Friday, but I’m not yet ready to share those thoughts. Too many thoughts. I wrote something on Monday, but it is still too raw to post. In the meantime, I have taken comfort in many things, including music. Most of all, I take comfort in having my little ones with me and holding them close.

May they remember only joy this holiday season.

3 thoughts on “Tidings of comfort and joy.

  1. May they remember only joy this holiday season.

    That’s a wonderful wish. Perhaps their joy will lead us out of the dark place that last Friday took us into. Weirdest Christmastime ever, eh?

  2. It’s been a dark week for everyone, I think. I hope you (and all of us) find the light again soon–and that you can share it with your children. And I fervently hope that something can finally change in this country to make these tragedies stop.

  3. Alejna, I feel the same way. I can’t read about it and I can’t write about it. My mind simply can’t come to terms with the horror and grief and aftermath of that Friday. I have limited my news consumption and been wary of the din of social media, all in a bid to give myself time to grieve.

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