smokestacks from Vassar Street (friday foto finder: chimney)

I may not have a lot of photos of chimneys at hand, and didn’t motivate myself to take anything like an interesting shot of my own house’s chimney. However, I do have quite a lot of photos of smokestacks, which serve more-or-less the same function. Smokestacks are architectural features that have long attracted my eye. While I’m sure that old brick smokestacks were considered eyesores when first built, they now add interest to many old mills and factories.

Here are several views of some smokestacks visible from Vassar Street in Cambridge, Massuchusetts. (Most were taken from a building that is part of the MIT campus, but I don’t believe the smokestacks to belong to MIT.) I took these between November of 2005 and October of this year.

November, 2005

January, 2010

July, 2010

December, 2011

October, 2012

To go see what other structures others have chosen to blow out their smoke, please stop by Archie’s friday foto finder blog.

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