A Sunday Afternoon on a Saturday afternoon for a Friday endeavor (friday foto finder: art)

Post-holiday sluggishness has set in, likely fueled by too many holiday treats.¹ In any case, I am slow to post. My photo library is full of photos of all kinds of art this week’s friday foto finder theme. Here it is Saturday afternoon, and I am finally getting around to posting some photos of A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte. This famous painting by Georges Seurat is located in The Art Institute of Chicago, which I visited during my May, 2010 trip to Chicago for a conference.

I hadn’t seen the painting before in person, though I had seen various reproductions, as it is one of the most famous works of pointillism

I know some people would find that these people are in the way, but I like photos of people interacting with art

The painting has lots of interesting details to explore. Click on the photos to embiggen them a bit.

A monkey! (Also a little dog.)

There is also this pointillist border all around.

To see what art others have put on display, please check out the friday foto finder blog.

¹ Can sluggishness be fueled?
² I also remember the painting from its noteworthy role³ in Ferris Beuller’s Day Off. [youtube]
³ It was not a speaking role.

5 thoughts on “A Sunday Afternoon on a Saturday afternoon for a Friday endeavor (friday foto finder: art)

  1. You ask: Can sluggishness be fueled?

    I answer: Yes definitely. The primary sluggishness fuel is TV reruns [via Netflix or Roku] which suck a person into a comfy chair where said person decides to watch just one more episode– and never moves again.

  2. I like photos of people interacting with art too. I’m glad that photo-taking is okay at the Art Institute of Chicago. Flash photography I understand being not allowed though. :)

  3. I like the photo of the people looking at the painting, especially because the painting depicts so many people. It almost looks like the museum-goers’ heads and upper torsos are actually IN the painting as the in-focus foreground while all the painted people are fuzzier because they are in the background (rather than because they are painted using pointillism)!

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