winter hold-outs

Here are 3 photos of Theo holding out big chunks of icy snow out on our driveway.

2 months ago.

A week ago.

2 days ago.

Seriously, I’m about done with this series. Soon, I hope to have photos of my children holding spring flowers. Or beach toys. Maybe even popsicles.

On the bright (?) side, I got buzzed by a gnat while waiting for the school bus this afternoon. So, spring is in the air…

9 thoughts on “winter hold-outs

  1. Those are excellent mittens indeed. Are the boots in the top photo a hand-me-down from Phoebe or did he pick out pink Hello Kitty boots?

    1. Theo did in fact pick out those boots–both he and Phoebe picked the same ones. (It is conceivable that the boots are actually Phoebe’s–I can’t tell the size from the photo.) That was well before he started preschool, though. The exposure to more kids has changed his tastes somewhat, or at least his expression of them. (He does still say that he likes pink. Actually, he sometimes says he’s the only one in the family who likes pink!)

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