Picking strawberries (friday foto finder: red)

Now that June is around the corner, that means that we are approaching strawberry season here in New England. The days of strawberry picking come and go quickly here, with the picking season typically lasting only a couple of weeks.

I love to take the kids to nearby farms to pick fruit. I love that it lets them see where their food comes from.

There’s also nothing quite like eating a freshly picked ripe red strawberry, warm from the hot sun.

The local berries don’t last as long once picked as the store-bought ones–they can spoil in only a day or two after being picked. Happily, we have no problem using them all. They always disappear far too quickly, seemingly no matter how many we pick!

This week’s friday foto finder challenge is to present something red. Red things abound in my photo library, yet I had a hard time choosing. I find I have too much to say about too many of my photos. I want to have time to tell the stories that go with the images. So I picked these red berries to share with you.

If you feel like seeing (more) red, check out the other entries on the friday foto finder blog.

11 thoughts on “Picking strawberries (friday foto finder: red)

  1. I haven’t been picking strawberries in years! What fun. I need to do that this summer if I can find a place that allows it. Pretty photos.

    1. Do it! And bring your camera. And then blog about it. (Wow, I am feeling bossy. You should also wear sunscreen, and I recommend wearing a sun hat, since I’m at it.)

  2. Pretty pics — and what a short strawberry picking season you have! There are places in Hong Kong where one can go strawberry picking. One of these days, I’ll be tempted… ;b

  3. Love that middle one! We have a farm like that around here, but it always seems to be so hot (and requires so much walking) that we’ve never braved it with K.

  4. Those are some gorgeous-looking berries! My brother-in-law tells me that strawberries are ripe when that little crown of leaves pokes upright. Looks like you got them as ripe as can be. :)

  5. Lovely photos of your beautiful children and delicious strawberries! We have a much longer season here in California, of course, but I have never gone strawberry picking here–I just buy them at the farmers’ market. I did it once in Germany, though. That was fun.

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