the bloom is off the rose (but the fruit is on)

After I posted yesterday’s relatively un-rosy photo of a dandelion, I realized that while I don’t have many photos of roses, I do have some photos that I quite like of rose hips. These berry-sized red fruits are packed with vitamin C and other valuable nutrients. They are also quite pretty. I came across these particular rose hips in September three years back, in Boston alongside a T stop at BU.¹

¹ FYI, the T is Boston’s subway (though it’s not always underground) and BU is Boston University.²
² And FYI is “for your information.” OYVMWS?³
³ OYVMWS is a meaningless string of capitalized consonants. At least as far as I know.

5 thoughts on “the bloom is off the rose (but the fruit is on)

  1. Wow, they’re so shiny! These are great photos, if a bit Christmassy for pre-Thanksgiving. But they do fit nicely with the rose theme of yesterday.
    Also, your footnotes rock. As always. Especially the made-up acronym of nonsense. Oh, you very meticulous word slinger!

    1. Thanks for appreciating my nonensical footnotes, Sally!

      But I have to challenge your complaint of the photos being Christmassy…these are from late summer! Christmas doesn’t have the monopoly on shiny red balls. The other seasons need to take the shiny red back.

  2. Not a complaint, merely a comment on the color scheme! But you are right, red balls and green leaves together need not be associated with winter holidays. Orbs, you vow, may witness summer!

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