dandelion and rose (friday foto finder: rose)

This week’s friday foto finder challenge was to find and share a photo for the theme of “rose.” This actually was more of a challenge than I expected. While I take many photos of flowers, either I don’t encounter roses often, or am less likely to be drawn to them to take pictures. I think it’s a little of each. Given my recent run on sharing leaf photos, in a perfect world I’d have constructed some roses out of maple leaves. But, alas, I was busy with other things, and our yard mostly has dried oak leaves, anyhow.

In any case, a moderate amount of digging through my photo library didn’t reveal any photos of roses that inspired me. But in my search for photos I’d tagged as flowers, I did come across many photos of dandelions. This particular one caught my eye: the dandelion is sitting on my mother-in-law’s floral patterned table cloth. Sitting, in fact, right next to the image of a rose. A rose-colored rose, even. So that’s about as close to rose as I’m going to get just now.

You can see a lot more of this particular little dandelion in a series of photos I posted a couple of years ago. I used a bellows in those, letting me get up really close and personal with the dandelion.

For more rosy photos, stop and smell the roses at the fff blog.

7 thoughts on “dandelion and rose (friday foto finder: rose)

  1. I love this. I’m a fan of dandelions (and yellow), and I totally remember the series of photos you took of this one. But this is neat because there’s something sort of meta about it. I think I like the fact that the image on the tablecloth is a rose, which is typically a cultivated flower, and then the actual flower that is in the photo is something usually considered a weed.

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