leaves of late fall

As we head into November, there are fewer leaves to be seen on the trees, but still plenty on the ground. While mostly not as flashy as the leaves of October, these late-fallen leaves still attract my eyes (and my camera lens). Before we know it, the leaves left on the ground will be buried under layers of dirt and snow, and once they reappear, they’ll be more of a soggy squishy mess.

Fallen oak leaves catching some afternoon rays.

These maple leaves at my mother-in-law’s house have twisted and curled themselves in ways that play with the light and shadows.

This (still-attached) ivy leaf seems quite heart-like to me, and I also liked it’s purple and green patterning.

I don’t know what sort of leaf this is, but it glowed nicely in the sun.

I enjoyed the way the blades of grass cast shadows on this curled maple leaf.

And here’s one late splash of flamboyant color: a Japanese maple leaf I encountered in a parking lot.

4 thoughts on “leaves of late fall

  1. I adore leaves. Your photos are perfect. I especially like the one of the Japanese Maple. It reminds of where we lived 15 [!] years ago; there was the sweetest little Japanese Maple by the corner of the house that was so pretty– year round. I miss it.

  2. The Japanese maple against the asphalt is really striking, but I also love the heart-shaped ivy leaf with its interesting coloring, and the shapes of the dried up, curled maple leaves. Your photos, as always, capture it all beautifully!

  3. lovely. i want to keep each japanese maple leaf i see on the sidewalk. sometimes i pick them up and mail them off to people who need them. like people in texas where the seasons never change.

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