silver fish, gold fish (a pair of almost completely unrelated photos)

I present to you one giant silver fish, and one smaller gold fish.¹

At the Boston Common on New Year’s Eve, while wandering around looking at ice sculptures, we came across this big silver-colored fish car. It was possibly related to the First Night events going on there, but in a way that was not clear to me. What was clear to me was that I needed to take a picture of it.

When I went to China in 2012, my hotel in Shanghai had rather unusual furniture. Most of the larger pieces (the armoire, dressers, settee, and even the beds) were adorned with fairly large and extremely shiny gold fish. I only wish I had better photos to show off their extreme shininess.

For another still grainy view of one of the gold fish (possibly even the same one, you can click here. I have even been inspired to upload a short video taken while walking through this very…special…room³. Sadly, the movie is also quite grainy, but you can still make out the shiny fishy shapes on the beds and other places.

So, tell me about you: If you were going to build a giant fish onto a car, what color fish would it be? And what sort of car? (A Toyota with a trout? A Mini with minnow?) And if you were going to design furniture featuring large shiny gold animals, which animals would you choose? These are the important questions that I pose to you.

¹ This post is in response to Ally Bean‘s prompt to of “gold or silver [photos of?]”. Naturally, I could not choose either just silver or just gold. Much like I couldn’t settle on either just a haiku or an acrostic
² If you, regular reader or hapless passerby, would like to also suggest a prompt or ask a question to elicit a post from me, feel free to do so in my post of last week. I would be tickled if you did.
³ If you feel the need to stay in such a room, it was a suite in the Salvo Hotel in Shanghai. I cannot guarantee that all of their suites are equally well-appointed with fish.

14 thoughts on “silver fish, gold fish (a pair of almost completely unrelated photos)

    1. Ooh, I like the giant silver squid idea. Not sure how it would go with a Jaguar, though, aesthetically. I’m new to this car/sealife pairing idea, though, so I’m willing to keep an open mind.

  1. That car is one of the goofiest things I’ve seen. And the gold fish is… quite bright, isn’t it? Like how you managed to incorporate fish into your post. Well done.

      1. Oh, it was meant as praise. You take the best photos of the best stuff. I need to copy you and take my camera with me more often when I leave the house. [But I doubt that I’ll find cool stuff like you do.]

        1. Awww, thanks Ally Bean! I really enjoy taking pictures, so it’s nice to know that other people enjoy looking at them.

          And you should totally get in the habit of taking your camera with you, or at least using a cell phone camera if you have one. (They say that the best camera is the one you have with you.) I find that taking pictures frequently makes me see things that I might otherwise miss. There might be cool things under your nose! (Well, maybe not *right* under your nose. I mean, I’m sure your upper lip is a fine one, but probably a limited source of interesting photography subject matter.)

    1. No, Sarah? Well there go my plans for surprising you with one for your birthday. But can I safely assume that you want shiny gold animals for your furniture?

  2. That gold fish is… very, very shiny. But I love the fish car! I’m thinking a halibut Honda. But that wouldn’t be a happy color, and I like happy colors. So it would have to be some kind of tropical fish. How about an Angelfish Accord? or a Seahorse Smartcar? or a Damselfish Dodge?
    (ooh. Damselfish is really “damsel fish”, but when I look at it my brain parses it as “dam selfish”.)

    1. Isn’t it shiny, Sally? All the fish in the suite were. They were so ridiculous, that my cousin (who travelled with me) and I actually found them endearing. Seriously, I wish I’d thought to get photos of them with my real camera!

      Those sound like lovely fish/car pairings, though I do wonder if the seahorse Smart might be an engineering challenge. Such a tall sort of sea creature for such a short little car. (And ha! Dam selfish! I love it!)

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