poissons d’avril

Okay, I took this picture of fish in February, not April. But it’s April now, and I’m pretty sure the fish are still more or less where I left them. (Which was in the Japanese Tea Gardens in Golden Gate Park.) I liked the way this group of koi displayed such a range of colors.

My post title, in case you were wondering, is a reference to the way the first of April is celebrated in France, a sort of fish-themed April Fool’s Day. The main tradition is to put a piece of paper in the shape of a fish on the back of an unsuspecting person, and to shout “poisson d’avril!” (translation: “April fish!”) when the fish is discovered. I kid you not.¹

¹ I kid you not, but I would totally try to sneak a paper fish onto your back.

3 thoughts on “poissons d’avril

  1. I knew April Fool’s Day was called poisson d’avril in French, but I did not know about the paper fish tradition! :)

  2. Paper fish!!! How exciting! Why does making non-fish-shaped things fish-shaped render them so appealing? Swedish fish. Taiyaki. For years I had a fish-shaped greeting card taped to my fridge (along with a word balloon I cut out of paper and inked to read, “glub.”).

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