6 unrelated photos

Here are 6 unrelated photos taken over the last 3 years.

From top: 1) a doorknob on a caboose 2) a roll of plastic barrier material 3) macro of a dandelion, 4) plastic bucket with ice, 5) jellyfish in the Boston aquarium, 6) a view from the roof the roof of the garage at the Boston Museum of Science.

6 thoughts on “6 unrelated photos

  1. Yay! another rainbow! These are great photos. I especially love the green one! And the red one. And the yellow, of course. Well, and the purple. Did I mention the orange one yet? and the gorgeous blue… Hmm. I guess I love them all!

  2. Roy G Biv! Except he’s missing indigo. Unless that’s actually indigo jellyfish and not blue. In that case, it’s Roy Giv!

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