signs of spring

After all my moaning and groaning about the way Winter was overstaying its welcome, Spring showed up on our doorstep rather unexpectedly. (Happily, Spring does not need to stay in the guest room, because we usually aren’t prepared for unexpected visitors.) A few days and nights with temps above freezing greatly diminished the snow piles, and on Saturday I saw our first open crocuses.

I may have done a happy dance.

A week earlier, our crocus patch had looked like this:

Little green shoots peeking out tentatively, taking advantage of the snow pile’s recent retreat.

We had some minor setbacks, with Winter trying to muscle back in with a sleet storm on Monday. The crocuses closed up tight.

Is it just me, or do these crocuses look rather irritated?

I’m happy to say that yesterday, Spring came back, and the crocuses and I enjoyed the warm, bright sun.

Today, the temperature even reached as high as 60 degrees! (Only the most stubborn of the snow piles remain, hiding out in the shadows.)

The crocuses and I agreed that today felt like Spring has settled in.

4 thoughts on “signs of spring

  1. Yay! Spring! Sun! Crocuses! Color!
    Also, I concur: the crocuses look like they were really irritated about the sleet.

  2. You are farther along than we are. No spectacular colors here yet. Am waiting for a string if sunny warm days to soothe my winter weary soul. Your photos give me hope.

  3. I gasped at the photo of those two open crocuses in the sun. I’m always awed by crocuses; even for me, with no experience of snowy winter, they look like hope and the promise of warmth. California golden poppies give me a similar feeling when they start coming out in spring here, but I think you pay more (and I suspect reap more joy) from your harbinger-of-the-season flowers. :)

    1. To copy-edit myself, I mean “pay more for (and I suspect reap more joy from) your…” I know you know what I mean, but in the interest of nitpicking, I publish my own correction. ;b

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