chipped and peeled layers of paint

Among the categories of things that regularly catch my eye are the patterns formed by weathered and cracked paint. (Like on, for example, dumpsters. Or subway walls. Or the lines painted in parking lots.) I especially enjoy seeing when the layers of paint reveal something of the varied history of the painted surface. (Or at least the varied trends of colors of decades past.) The varied railings and turnstiles at an old amusement park, for example, offer an especially fun array of multi-colored layers. Here are an assortment of shots I took of chipped and weathered paint from around Canobie Lake Park in New Hampshire during my visit there in August..

4 thoughts on “chipped and peeled layers of paint

  1. These are so cool. When you get that close up, the photos end up looking really abstract… but some of them are reminiscent of maps.

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