serene New England fall pictures

I am feeling far from serene today, and may even have had a bit of a tantrum today. We are in the process of moving, and even though it is only a local move, it is a flood of new stresses added to our already packed lives. We are dealing with contractors and service providers, and today was one of those days that left me feeling unhinged. There are so many details to track and sort through that it makes it hard for me to think straight, especially when dealing with conflicting priority lists and contractors giving the run-around.

So, to compensate for the lack of serenity that I am feeling, I am posting photos of a relaxing walk in New Hampshire with friends from a few years ago.

2 thoughts on “serene New England fall pictures

  1. I feel your anxiety. Movers. Contractors. Service Providers. A trifecta of crazy-making that deserves a place in Dante’s Hell [if it were revised for this century]. Sending calm thoughts your way.

  2. Moving is the worst–though contractors and service providers definitely give it a run for its money. Yet these photos almost make me envy you your gorgeous autumns…

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