stumped (again)

This week’s friday foto finder theme was “parcel,” and it turned out to be a theme that left me stumped. Since I can’t seem to come up with any photos of parcels tonight, instead I’ll offer photos of stumps.

A stump in Nara, Japan, 2004. (Yes, I know where I saw this stump.)

A stump in Beulah, Colorado in 2005 (I had help from my metadata to remember this stump.)

This one’s from 2011, according to my photo library metadata. I believe it is in New York state.

This stump is from Oakland, California from 2012. (Again, I remembered the location of this stump, if not the date.) (Also, if I had more images like it, I could make another post along the lines of these two.)

This one was from Massachusetts, later in 2012. It reminds me a bit of a volcano.

This one was from New York state as well, at a sculpture garden. (I confess I did not remember where I saw this stump, at least without checking back for other photos taken that day. Maybe there is some hope left for me.)

This one’s really more of a gnarled root than a stump. (From the Marin Highlands, in Sausalito, CA, 2014).

So there are a whole bunch of stumps. Indeed, one could say that I have presented a parcel of stumps. (If one were so inclined…) To see a parcel of potentially more parcel-like parcels, pay a visit to the fff blog.

One thought on “stumped (again)

  1. Wow. (I seem to use that word a lot when I comment on your photos!) This is an excellent collection of stump photos. I did not know I would ever utter (or type) that sentence. I especially love the Japanese one and the volcano, but the M was pretty great too.

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