This blog goes up to 11

Eleven years ago today, I put up my first post on this blog. Here we are over a thousand posts later, and I am still more-or-less here.

analog-clock-1111 It appears that I am quite partial to the number 11. Not the least because I regularly post at the eleventh hour. (It might not surprise you that it is now after 11 as I write this post.)

elevenThe number 11 has featured prominently in quite a few posts over the years, in particular on 11/11. In anticipation of the exciting (at least to me) date of 11/11/11, I encouraged others to post things that go up to 11. I’ve posted about the word for the number 11 in Spanish.  I’ve posted lists of elevens. I’ve posted photos of elevens (or at least photos of patterns that look to me like 11s). And I posted a ThThTh list of 11 things, which, given that I posted it in 2007, did not include one now very well known Eleven.


This is all really just a very roundabout way to say happy birthday to my blog. Thanks to any and all of you who have dropped in over the years.



6 thoughts on “This blog goes up to 11

    1. Thanks, az! Congrats to you, too! And impressively, you have been blogging pretty much every day of most of those years, right? How many posts are you up to?

  1. Congrats on your blog’s 11th anniversary. Just two days ago, I heard someone describe my blog (which, as you know, was started on the same day as yours) as perhaps the oldest one on Hong Kong. I sincerely doubt it (and not least because my blog posts aren’t restricted to Hong Kong). But it does feel like an achievement of sorts to have kept on blogging all this time — and yes, reading other blogs too. ;)

    1. Thanks, YTSL! Your blog certainly is an achievement! I always enjoy seeing what you have to share, even though I don’t manage to find my way over there as often as I’d like these days.

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