These are a few of my favorite pens

I sometimes have a problem with moderation. I’ve been writing a lot of postcards to voters again recently, and enjoy using a variety of pens and colors of ink. I do use a lot of blue, and I managed to actually use up several of my blue pens. I decided to stop by the office supply store and replenish my well of ink, as it were. I thought I’d get a few more blue gel pens. And so I did. But I maybe also got a bunch more gel pens in lots of different colors. I already had some of these in about a dozen colors, but they had a box of *thirty* different colors. I am looking forward to doodling with them.

Below are some of the 500+ postcards I wrote to voters this election season. I particularly had fun drawing the little peaches on the cards to Georgia. (Those peaches used 6 different colors of gel pen. Not that you asked.)

2 thoughts on “These are a few of my favorite pens

  1. Trying again to cheer your return. I had to sign in to WordPress, I forgot my password and have been going in circles for a bit. But, made it!!! Yeah. And you are going to do the November thing (the real name escapes me), giving us a whole month of fun.
    All those postcards. With coloured peaches. Yowie.

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