Oodly doodle

It was a long full day, but a good one. I had a bit of a mini-reunion in Boston over lunch with several friends from grad school, as one of them was in town for a conference. I got a bit of work done in the morning, and rounded out the day by watching a web lecture on the state of democracy. During which I doodled, and explored the colors of my new set of 30 gel pens. I determined that they do indeed have 30 separate colors of ink. (See below for color test and 3 stages of doodle. The light for taking photos wasn’t great, so you can’t see the full range in the image. Plus some of the differences are quite subtle.)

2 thoughts on “Oodly doodle

  1. I love the brush pens, and fine, fine black pens. I also love your doodles and yeah, I can see most of the colours. Most of them. Almost enough to cause me to add gel to the pile. Hmm.

    1. I haven’t really played around much with brush pens–maybe I should! I’m curious what you do with your pens, Mary! Do you draw? Doodle? Write?

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