doggo in sunlight

Today was a long day, in the sense that I was up early and did a lot. (But given that we are approaching the winter solstice here in the northern hemisphere, the day in terms of actual daylight is getting short.) This morning I drove up to Vermont to collect my daughter and her friend to bring them home for the Thanksgiving break. And then we drove back down in the afternoon. It was about 3:30 by the time we got home. Just in time to take Brodie on his afternoon walk before it got dark. You can see the sun setting at a little after 4 in the bottom set of photos. The top photo, take around 9 this morning, amused me with the cartoonish shape of Brodie’s long shadow. (Those ears!)

I was in a ridiculously good mood today. Very excited to have both children home, and then my mom coming on Monday. I’m really looking forward to have a full house for Thanksgiving, with family and friends. I’ve started to stock up on produce for the big day, but still have to acquire more potatoes. (I don’t want to relive the great potato panic of 2019.)

2 thoughts on “doggo in sunlight

  1. It was nice to have the sun, but we also had wind, like WIND, and our power flickered and stopped a few times. This did something evil to the internet and I got a sad call from our provider (we host a tower) asking for a reset. So, I blew over to the tower and found a green light and all well. Phoned back, and was told everything was fixed. Phew.
    This means I get to see your sunny dog photos and rejoice with you over having the family for your Thanksgiving (I had our family for ours and am now starting to plan for Christmas). Yes, I have potatos, but may not, sadly, have lettuce. Unless the new crop makes it in before the Big Feast.

    1. We had some wind today here, too! I know it’s not yet the real cold of winter (being barely below freezing), but it’s always so hard to adjust. And hope the wind doesn’t continue to make mischief with your power and internet!

      Wishing you lots of lettuce for your coming feast!

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