balloon ride in the rain

As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve never actually been on a hot air balloon, though I really hope to some day.¹ I have, however, been on an amusement park ride with cars shaped like hot air balloons.²

These photos are from my family’s 2010 trip to Story Land in New Hampshire. It was rainy the afternoon we arrived, but there was still fun to be had, and photos to be taken.

This trip was during my participation in Project 365 for which I committed to taking (at least) a photo a day to share online. I further decided to have monthly themes. This was still in my first month of the project, for which I chose reflections for my theme.

Amusement parks provide lots of shiny surfaces, so it was a good place to find reflections. I wasn’t actually too sorry that there was rain that day!

¹ I came really close to going on one when I was 13, but the weather conditions were wrong the day I was scheduled to go. Here we are 30 years later, and I still haven’t managed to reschedule…

² You might recognize these balloons from the set of amusement park ride silhouettes I posted a few weeks ago. ³

³ And once more, I am enjoying running with a theme. Or perhaps getting carried away with a theme, in this case. This past Friday’s friday foto finder theme was balloons and I found I couldn’t stop with just one. (Or even with the 3 I posted on Friday.)

Scattered reflections of an amusement park game

It’s been a while since I’ve been so fixated on a changing series of distorted reflections. They still catch my eye here and there, but aside from when I’m travelling, I just haven’t been taking as many photos lately. (I should work on that.)

These photos are from The Fishing Well, a game at Canobie Lake Park in New Hampshire. It was one of those games where you paid your fee, and then were guaranteed to win a prize.

In this case, the object was to catch a metal fish on a hook inside a big spinning well of water. The water was murky and dark, and it was impossible to see the fish at the bottom. You’d just drag the hook around, hanging from a chain on a big metal pole, until the hook latched onto one of the fish.

The prizes in this case were brightly colored little stuffed animals with an aquatic theme: alligators, crabs and fish. I like the way you can sort of make out the eyes of the rows of colorful crabs reflected in the swirling water.

The surface of the water was constantly swirling and rippling, from the motion of the motorized tank bottom as well as the various poles and chains being dragged around by kids trying to catch a fish.

The rippling surface reflected back an ever-changing picture of colors and patterns.

I feel like I should have something pithier to say here, but really, it’s all about the “oooh, pretty.”

5 photos of standpipes

Here are 5 standpipes (or sets of standpipes) that have caught my eye. Some caught my eye for their reflective shininess, and some for their weathered patina.






As I put these together, I saw that the 5 photos were neatly from 5 different years. (I had a 6th photo that was also from 2011, but it didn’t fit as well, so I didn’t include it.) Would you believe that it bugged me that I didn’t have a standpipe photo from 2012? Further, I noticed that it should have been of a weathered (rather than shiny) standpipe, in order to best complete the pattern. I actually started to look through my photos from that year before realizing that it was crazy to do so, especially given that I have more work to do tonight before bed, and it is after 11 p.m.. (This is the sort of compulsion that I’m talking about.)

neon light on raindrops

It was raining as we drove down to New York on Friday night. When we stopped at the truck stop/rest area half way down, I admired the way the neon lights were reflected on the raindrops on the windshield.

These are really just various crops of the same photo.

I like the way the reds and oranges look flame-like in the watery patterns.

Tell me that this doesn’t look like a semi-abstract surrealist painting.

another rain-streaked window (friday foto finder: rain)

This watery photo is one I fished out of my photo archives from October, 2011. I love the splash of color in the background from the fall foliage, and the splash of … splash from the rain.

As you might guess, this photo was taken when I was a passenger in the car.

I have loads of rain-related photos in my photo library, so it was a tough choice what to post for this week’s friday foto finder theme of rain. Of course, I have already posted rain photos many times, such as:

It would seem that I enjoy taking photos of raindrops, at least as much as I enjoy taking photos of snow. What can I say? Rain drops and rivulets offer such intriguing examples of refraction and distorted reflections.

Who is holding the glass?

We had dinner in the dining room for the first time in…I don’t remember when. We had a little early celebration with my mother of Phoebe’s birthday, since my mother won’t be here for the big day itself. We had some sparkling apple cider and used stemmed glasses, which was novel for the kids. This reflection (or refraction, really) in the stem of one of the glasses caught my eye. Happily, my camera was close at hand.


Mirrors outside a frame shop in Bath, England.
Mirrors outside a frame shop in Bath, England.

This is a photo I took during my 2005 trip to London. We went on an excursion to Bath, and while roaming the streets, I was struck by this shopfront of a frame and mirror store. (Don’t worry, it didn’t hurt me.) A car happened to pass by into the frame (or frames) just as I took the picture.

I’m quite fond of reflected elements in photos and other visual art, so when I saw over at Webs of Significance that this week’s PhotoHunt theme was “reflections,” I felled compelled to investigate further.

So, I’ve decide to give PhotoHunt a try, having seen YTSL (and occasional others) particpate many a time. I saw that you no longer need to post their blogroll, so it seems less cumbersome to participate. In case you haven’t come across it before, PhotoHunt is weekly blogging even hosted by where people are invited to participate by posting a photo once a week on a given theme.

Of course, now that the theme of reflection has come up, I have a few more reflections I’d like to post. I’ll save them for another day. And maybe even a list.