winter hold-outs

Here are 3 photos of Theo holding out big chunks of icy snow out on our driveway.

2 months ago.

A week ago.

2 days ago.

Seriously, I’m about done with this series. Soon, I hope to have photos of my children holding spring flowers. Or beach toys. Maybe even popsicles.

On the bright (?) side, I got buzzed by a gnat while waiting for the school bus this afternoon. So, spring is in the air…

the longest shortest month

Even for those of us who love a bit of winter, the season can get a bit old come February. The cold, the gray, the cold, the gray. The snow, the slush, the ice. Gray skies. Bare trees. Cold hands. The bright lights and festivities of the winter holidays seem like ages in the past, and spring remains stubbornly out of reach. February may be the shortest month, but it certainly feels like a long one where I live.

It was a packed month for me, too, and it’s hard to believe how much happened: concert, blizzard, visit from my mother, school vacation. A birthday for one child, and kindergarten registration for the other. I posted every day of the month, and I reached my thousandth post. I posted a lot of photos, and worked through some nervous energy. (But I still didn’t manage to post a bunch of the things I’ve had in mind to post. Will I ever?)

And here is one last photo for the month. For Annette, who finds herself taking too many photos of bare trees. (Though they are lovely bare tree photos.) Look! I got you another photo of bare trees. And for Sarah, whose words about the many grays of February brought a bit of light into the end of my month. (You see? This photo only looks slightly different in black and white.)

There are subtle hints of muddy brown and the barest hint of bluishness in the sky and snow. But mostly we have black and white and gray. No need for the box of 64 crayons to color this scene.

And here we are with the that last bit of color drained out.

3 photos of melting snow

These salt crystals on the road look like rough gemstones.

We had a night of mixed snow and rain. In the bright sun of the next morning, slushy snow fell from the trees with lots of little plops, some of which made patterns like barnacles.

The stones of our front walk must have been warmer than the surrounding ground. I like the way the spaces between the stones filled with snow.

icy branches

These are some photos from a month ago, taken that same morning that I photographed the ice drops. The light was so beautiful that I went back in to get my camera after the school bus came for Phoebe. (The iPhone does quite well for many occasions, but there are times when I really want to be able to better control the focus and the depth of field.)

I do seem to be sharing a lot of photos of ice and snow these days…

digging out

As you may have heard, the US East Coast was hit by a blizzard over the past couple of days. We weathered the storm without any incident (happily, we didn’t lose power), and by mid-morning today the skies had cleared and the sun came out. All told, it looks like we got somewhere between 18 inches and 2 feet of snow. (It was crazy-windy last night, so there was much drifting.)

John had shovelled several times during the night, so the driveway only had about 8 inches when the snow stopped. He had, however, left the car untouched. Come 3 in the afternoon, pretty much all of the other necessary shovelling was done. It was time to deal with this:

Dude, where’s my car?

Theo, who often enjoys brushing the snow off the car with our long-handled snow brush, decided that he would take on the job.

2:54:28 p.m. Trying the side of the car first, but having trouble reaching the car.

2:54:46 p.m. Around to the back, and looking determined.

2:55:09 p.m.

2:55:16 p.m.

2:55:59 p.m. “You can get the rest, Mommy.”

So it was up to me.

4:09 Close enough? I think this is kind of a good look for the car. And we didn’t have to go anywhere.

What do you see? (Please participate in the snow Rorschach test.)

the lone chicken

This week’s friday foto finder theme is “alone.” This lone chicken was somehow left out when her fellow chickens were penned up. And while she does look rather left out, it looks like the other chickens want out, themselves.

(I took this photo back in March at the nearby farm where usually we get our eggs. This was one of the rare wintery moments of last winter.)