digging out

As you may have heard, the US East Coast was hit by a blizzard over the past couple of days. We weathered the storm without any incident (happily, we didn’t lose power), and by mid-morning today the skies had cleared and the sun came out. All told, it looks like we got somewhere between 18 inches and 2 feet of snow. (It was crazy-windy last night, so there was much drifting.)

John had shovelled several times during the night, so the driveway only had about 8 inches when the snow stopped. He had, however, left the car untouched. Come 3 in the afternoon, pretty much all of the other necessary shovelling was done. It was time to deal with this:

Dude, where’s my car?

Theo, who often enjoys brushing the snow off the car with our long-handled snow brush, decided that he would take on the job.

2:54:28 p.m. Trying the side of the car first, but having trouble reaching the car.

2:54:46 p.m. Around to the back, and looking determined.

2:55:09 p.m.

2:55:16 p.m.

2:55:59 p.m. “You can get the rest, Mommy.”

So it was up to me.

4:09 Close enough? I think this is kind of a good look for the car. And we didn’t have to go anywhere.

What do you see? (Please participate in the snow Rorschach test.)

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