ready to go back home

We’re down at my in-laws for a few days. We came down Tuesday night. It’s Thursday night now. And somehow I keep feeling like we’ve been down here a week or more.

It’s not so terrible to be here. It’s just that I have even less time to myself than I’ve lately had at home. Phoebe wakes up earlier, won’t nap well and then stays up later. And then I feel the need to socialize with my mother-in-law (and do things like eat dinner) once Phoebe’s gone to bed. John is occupied with other things. This all leaves me almost nil time to do things like work on this damn blog. (And here I thought maybe I could even try reading a book while I was down here…but let’s face it. If it’s not a board book, I’m probably not going to read it right now.)

I finally broke free to do a bit of writing and find that, even though I’d been on a writing roll and absolutely itching to get back to it, now that I have few minutes to spare, I haven’t been able to get a complete sentence out on the posts I’ve been planning to write. I’m back to the annoying habit of writing part of a sentence, rethinking what I wrote, and going back to reword and revise it before I ever get to the punctuation mark at the end. So here. We’re leaving that aside for now, and moving on to general ranting. Not much substance. Not much content. Not much of interest. But look at all the punctuation marks!

One thought on “ready to go back home

  1. hey… I’ve been having the same problem with my blog writing since I got back to my apartment. I like your puncuation marks. I’ve actually been writing and re-writing parts of many posts I plan to write. a lot of them are drafts I started at my parents house. anyway, It was good seeing you. good luck with your writing…

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