Saving All My Pants For You

This edition of National Pants Radio is dedicated to those who seriously love pants: a playlist of classic pants songs to fit all body types.

  • All You Need Is Pants – The Beatles
    However, shirts and shoes are also required for service in most establishments.
  • Pants Me Two Times – The Doors
    Pants me once, shame on you. Pants me twice, shame on me.
  • Pants Will Keep Us Together – Captain and Tennille
    Especially if they are stitched well.
  • Pants Will Tear Us Apart – Joy Division
    At the seams.
  • Can’t Buy Me Pants – Beatles
    I’m not buying that. Money can buy many things. Even pants.
  • Making Pants Out of Nothing at All – Air Supply
    Would these be invisible pants?
  • Do You Believe In Pants? – Huey Lewis & the News
    Yup. Except maybe the invisible ones.
  • You Give Pants a Bad Name – Bon Jovi
    That style is really unflattering.
  • You’ve Got to Hide Your Pants Away – The Beatles
    Just toss them in the hamper.
  • Tainted Pants – Soft Cell
    I don’t even want to know what those stains are.
  • Where Did Our Pants Go – The Supremes
    Did you check the dryer?
  • A Man Without Pants – Engelbert Humperdinck
    Is he, by any chance, wearing a trenchcoat?
  • Need Your Pants So Bad – Fleetwood Mac
    Um, I’m using them right now. Can’t you get your own?
  • They’ll Never Take Her Pants From Me – Elvis Costello
    That’s just creepy.
  • Addicted To Pants – Robert Palmer
    You and me both, Robert. Better than heroin, though. Or leggings.
  • The Power of Pants – Huey Lewis and The News
    Sustainable. Renewable. Fashionable.
  • Saving All My Pants For You – Whitney Houston
    Um, thanks. I’ll be sure to make space in my closet.

Today marks the 6th anniversary of this blog and a special day for me to reflect on the meaning of pants.

9 thoughts on “Saving All My Pants For You

  1. Happy Anniversary! I still remember that fateful day you said the words “I’m thinking of starting a blog..” (really, I do remember it)

    1. Thanks, b! That’s so funny that you remember me talking about it. I don’t entirely remember. Was a phone conversation? I kinda remember standing in my basement and talking about it. Was I in the basement and on the phone with you?

  2. Happy Blogthday! Or, rather, Happy Pantsday? No, wait, Pantsy Blogthday! Hmm. None of those seem ideal, but you know what I mean.

    I hope that Bizarre Pants Triangle by New Order (my laundry folding needs work, I guess) and Who Needs Pants Like That by Erasure (because skinny jeans are not actually flattering for all of us) can make it onto the playlist.

    1. Thanks, Sally! I kinda like Pantsy Blogthday. But maybe that’s because I’m not trying to say it out loud.

      I was hoping people would add to the list! So many pants songs to enjoy. I did consider New Order’s Bizarre Pants Triangle (such a great song), but it didn’t make the finished list. (The first version was crazy long. I do love my pants. But not everyone wants to read a 50-item list of pants, it would seem.)

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