falling down on the job

I’ve been sitting here working, denting my usual spot on the couch, starting to fall asleep, and thinking I should go to bed. Then I had that moment of panic when I realized that I hadn’t blogged today. Happily, it wasn’t even 11:00 yet when I noticed. So, here we are, with another lackluster post.

But here are some photos from after the tree work was done.

Last night, the guy who did the tree work told me that the big tree next to our house was over 100 feet tall, and was over a 100 years old. I hadn’t realized it was so old. (Or so tall, for that matter.) I’m really sad about it, and keep questioning myself about whether getting it cut down was the right thing to do. Obviously whoever built this house made an effort to keep the tree when the house was built, since our house is only about 30 years old. At the same time, I don’t see how we could have left it. It was too tall to maintain, and overhanging the house. We had to have people climb it in the past to cut back the limbs. We had multiple recommendations to have it removed, and there has been so much damage to the back of the house due to over-shading.

As you can see, it’s not like our yard is now totally bereft of trees. I just feel bad about the whole thing.

6 thoughts on “falling down on the job

  1. It’s not lackluster, it’s microblogging!

    Also, I actually teared up when I came home to my apt in Brookline one day to find that the tree outside my window had been cut down. I generally avoid going to where trees are, but I enjoyed having one right next to me and watching it change through the seasons.

  2. Consider having the guy (or someone who wields a chain saw – one thing I never see myself doing) cut one of those segments into two to four inch slabs and make something out of them, like a cutting board, a seat, steps for your yard.

    At our last property, I got into a tiff with one of the guys we called to give us an estimate for tree removal. He refused to do it, saying that the trees were healthy and “it’s not like you’re getting a pool or something.” As if that was a better reason than the one we had.

    I guess it made me so mad because I am the opposite of a tree murderer. For those of us who have a strong affinity for trees, it’s never easy seeing one taken down.

  3. It is sad, but hopefully it will turn out to be worth it. And maybe you can find good uses for the wood.
    Actually, I like de’s idea of making something from the pieces of tree. In fact, you could make a few somethings, so that years from now both Phoebe and Theo would have keepsakes.

  4. We have a coffee table made out of a split log. My grandpa made it and we LOVE it. Maybe you could do something like that with part of the wood.

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