Here it is. January 1, 2007. After 11:00 p.m. And I really should be going to bed. But the compulsion…compels. It’s this damn blog a-callin’ to me. Now I’ve discovered a new toy I need to get for it: a real site meter. (I’m apparently missing out on all sorts of fun potential for…knowledge.) Plus I’ve got several posts in progress that I’d like to finish, some of them in my kick-ass women project. I even have more to say on the subject of pants. And then the idea has come up a couple of times that this is a time of year when people write resolutions. Hey, I could write resolutions. (That sounds like a list, and I love lists.)

But I’ve told myself I shouldn’t work on this blog until I’ve finished a particular task. Namely, to finish writing those thank you notes. “Wow,” you may be thinking. “She’s so organized to be already almost finished with her thank you notes.” But I’m not talking about thank you notes from this past big holiday. I’m talking about thank you notes for presents people gave for Phoebe’s birth. Um. That was more than 10 months ago. I’m not sure what the etiquette is in this matter. It’s a question I’d rather not find the answer to. But I’ve made up an answer: finish the notes in the same calendar year as her birth. As of yesterday, I had 25 notes left to go. I’ve managed to get through 10 of them. And I’ve decided to flub the date on the last few, as long as I can get them mailed by tomorrow. Which strikes a bit like a retroactive resolution. I think perhaps this type of resolution may be easier to achieve than the ones for the future. Perhaps that is what I’ll do instead of a list of 2007 resolutions. I’ll make a list of resolutions for 2006. Carefully selected to make me feel like I’ve accomplished some goals.

Okay. I really must get back to those letters. 15 left to go. (Does it count if I just write the date on the top of each of them?) I told myself I wouldn’t post until I finished writing them. (This one doesn’t count, does it?)

8 thoughts on “blogbrain

  1. Hi Alejna —

    I’m glad to see that you have an itch to blog because, well, I enjoy reading your blog entries!

    Re those people whom you owe thank you notes to: Guess you can’t just refer them to your blog and collectively thank them on it, huh? ;)

  2. jwbates–
    By “today,” I almost always mean today, tomorrow or yesterday. Sometimes I mean Thursday, and very occasionally Groundhog Day.

    Thank you for the encouragement! (Or maybe I mean curses to you for your encouragement. Don’t you know I should be doing other things than writing blog entries?)

    As far as the thank you notes idea, it’s a nice one. Mailing people a link sure would be faster than writing a letter. Though I suspect it may violate some rule of etiquette or another.

  3. I got my baby thank you note, thanks! Now, I have a gift to give another friend who had a baby, but now that it’s 2007, I will not be giving him the gift in the same calendar year as his son’s birth. What is the etiquette on that? Give it to him at the very least while the kid is a baby?

  4. jeanerz-
    Glad you got your note. It must be one I actually wrote in 2006. As far as your etiquette question, I think it is appropriate to give the baby gift before the child enters middle school. Waiting until the child enters college may be considered tacky.

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