num skull

I like to think of myself as an optimist, if a cynical one. But I often find evidence of pessimism. And quite honestly, I am a worrier. And sometimes, when something little goes wrong, it doesn’t take me too many mental steps to arrive at a worst-case scenario.

Last night, I had a bit of trouble with a website interface involving typing text into a field on the page. I thought maybe it was a browser issue, and didn’t think too much of it. Everything else seemed to be working fine on my laptop. Then this morning, soon after I opened my laptop to check email and so forth (read: see if any one left any comments on the blog…), I found I couldn’t type. Almost none of the keys on the keyboard were working. I sort of tried a bunch of keys at random, and all that showed up on my screen (in various applications I tried) were a few numbers. Crap. I thought there must be something wrong with the laptop. I mean it’s going on 4 years old. Did this signify imminent laptop death? I could still use the mouse, so I thought maybe I should back up my data. But what if my data files were already corrupted, and then I’d overwrite my last backup? So I thought, maybe I should just restart. But then I was a afraid that, without being able to use the keyboard, I wouldn’t be able to even log in again. So I closed up my laptop to wait for reinforcements to deal with the issue. After the reinforcements woke up and had a swig of morning diet coke, I related my fears of laptop catastrophe. After running a battery of in-depth diagnostics (well, he opened my laptop and looked), John helped me make the discovery that there was a little green light below the “f6” key. A key that also bears the text “num lock.”

Almost 4 years with this laptop, and I never noticed I had a numbers lock? Doh!

5 thoughts on “num skull

  1. What nerd uses a number lock anyway? Maybe in the days of those massive computers that took up a room and worked in 1-1-0-1-0-1 binary number code. If you’re going to use a number lock, just pick up a calculator. They’re pretty cheap these days. Or an abacus.

    I like your husband’s comment. My husband, while being my avid reader and #1 fan, has only left perhaps 3 comments on the history of my blog. And those were to team up with another reader to disparage me.

    (He survived the beating.)

  2. KC–
    Yes, I expect I didn’t think to look for a number lock due to my own reliance on an abacus. (Phoebe just got a pretty cool one she lets me use.)

    It is nice to have John leave comments. There was one time when he (what was he thinking?) verbally responded to a post that I wrote. And I suggested that he put it in writing…But usually he doesn’t need much prompting. Especially for some of his more “helpful” comments. (Like those in the thread he mentions above.)

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