We made the cover!

A few weeks ago I mentioned that our home was going to be featured in American Hovel Magazine, and offered up a sneak peek at some of the interview that would be featured. I’m pleased to announce that our story has made the cover of the April 2007 issue! Some of you may already have picked up your copy at the newstands, but for those of you who haven’t, I’ve scanned in the cover to share with you here.

American Hovel Magazine, April 2007 cover

8 thoughts on “We made the cover!

  1. NotSoSage-
    Yes, it is certainly an honour. I hadn’t realized you were also featured! Why, I was just admiring the stacks of dirty dishes in the photos from page 38. And was that polenta I saw stuck to the wall? (I already know what’s on your curtains…)

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