insert witty egg-themed pun here

We went down to John’s parents for Easter, and just got back a little while ago. (Ugh, it’s late.) But I wanted to share a few pictures from our egg-related festivities. The highlight of our holiday was having Phoebe’s first Easter egg hunt. To get ready, we dyed some eggs. Here’s the end product. (Two of the eggs seriously cracked during a hideous boiling accident, so were deprived of dye.)


It had been many, many years since I’d dyed eggs for Easter. I think it was probably in the early 80s. I would expect great advances in egg-decorating technology since those times. Remarkably, the package of dye that John’s mother had on hand looked remarkably like the ones I remember from my childhood, though. Here’s our set-up, with pot of hard-boiled eggs and the egg-decorating kit.


Please look closely at the date on the price tag.


In case you can’t make it out, it’s “3/81”. As in March, 1981. Yes, this egg-decorating kit dates back to the egg-decorating days of my youth.

The 26-year-old dye tablets didn’t fare terribly well. Only one of these “fizzing” tablets actually managed to put on a display of fizz.


With a little help from some drops of relatively fresh food coloring (which, judging from its packaging, may have been only 20 years old), we had some dying success. Voila!


Of course, all our efforts were made worthwhile by Phoebe’s glowing face on the egg hunt!

8 thoughts on “insert witty egg-themed pun here

  1. jwbates-
    Mean Daddy. Stealing Phoebe’s eggs. What’s next? Candy?

    Yes, retro! (Does that mean that the egg decorating kits do look different now?)

    Yes, she has quite a face. That little lip and those cheeks…
    And yes, the dye was a bit scary.

    So we have festive, scary and retro. What better set of adjectives to describe a holiday undertaking?

  2. jen-
    Glad to share the excellent face, and pass on a paas smile.

    Yes, that is indeed a bunny faced hat. To go along with her “bunny bunny bunny” footie pajamas. We’re all about festive!

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