access denied

I’m feeling rather obstructed in my progress these days. Here are 4 photos of gates and doors that I couldn’t get through.

September, 2009. Sevilla, Spain.

August, 2011. Macau.

March, 2012. New York, NY.

August, 2012. Massachusetts.

Clearly, I am able to attach significance to these bits of metal (unlike those of 2 days ago). Also, I do seem to get around, even when I’m not getting through…

5 thoughts on “access denied

  1. Those are cool photos. I need to learn to take my camera with me wherever I go. Not that I’d find photos as cool as yours, but at least I’d have much more interesting photos to share.

    1. Thanks, Ally! I have been out of the habit of carrying my camera around since I got my iPhone, but I’m still generally happier with the photos I get with my real camera. And I bet you could find lots of cool photos that I wouldn’t even think to take! It’s fun to see how different people are drawn to different subject matter.

  2. I’m catching up on selected older posts (which means, of course, that I’m supposed to be packing and am procrastinating). I love that you found these great locked gate photos for a time when you’re feeling your progress obstructed — that sounds like a throwaway “good job!” but I don’t mean it as such. I often have trouble thinking of an appropriate symbolic image for an emotional state (or even more generally something like “my mood of the past week”). I think you often find very good ones, though!

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