morning bowl of flakes

Last week, I told you about a book I have in my collection written by none other than J. H. Kellogg, a book of “plain facts” about sex which offers inadvertent amusement on nearly every page. Last week, I offered up some choice bits I’d found. And as a game, I asked for people to give me numbers so that we could look for something entertaining from those pages. We had 5 participants, who each requested 1 or 2 numbers each. Here are the results:

maverick roark requested pages 3 and 12. Page 3 is the title page, which I’ve typed out in entirety.

Plain Facts for Old and Young by J. H. Kellogg, M. D.
Member American Public Health Association, American Society for the Advancement of Science, American Society of Microscopy, Member Mich. State Board of Health, Medical Superintendent of the Battle Creek Sanitrium, Author of Numerous Works of Health, Etc.
Published by I. F. Segner, Burlington, Iowa, 1882.

Just so we know he’s qualified to say that sex should be avoided.

Page 12 gets you this bit from the table of contents:

The Social Evil.
Unchastity of the ancients–Causes of the “social evil” –Libidinous blood–Gluttony–Precocious sexuality–Man’s lewdness–Fashion…

NotSoSage requested a bit from page 323. This one is from the chapter called “Solitary Vice”:

The entrance of a single corrupt boy into a school which may have been previously pure–though such schools must be extrememy rare–will speedily corrupt almost the entire membership. The evil infection spreads more rapidly than the contagion of smallpox or yellow fever, and it is scarcely less fatal.

Mind you, we’re not actually talking about an STD or some such here, we’re talking about the spread of the “solitary vice” itself.

ericalee requested pages 46 and 72. These are from the chapter “Sex in Living Forms”, which actually does seem to contain some fairly scientific information. Page 46 is mostly about plants:

Nothing is more interesting in the natural world than the wonderful beauty, diversity, and perfect adaptaility to various conditions and functions, which we see in the sexual parts of plants.

He does get a bit excited about plant sex…

Page 72 covers male anatomy:

As the production of seminal fluid is more or less constant in man and some animals, while its discharge is intermittent, the vesiculae seminales serve as reservoirs for the fluid, preserving it until required, or allowing it to undergo absorption.

Hmm…I didn’t really find anything amusing on this page. Perhaps someone with more knowledge of anatomy would, though.

bs requested page 208, which is in the chapter “Incontinence”:

No continent man need be deterred by this apocryphal fear of atrophy of the testes, from living a chaste life. It is a device of the unchaste–a lame excuse for their own incontinence, unfounded on any physical law.

I hadn’t realized how old the expression “a lame excuse” was…

jwbates requested 69, which is also from the “Sex in Living Forms” chapter:

We have sufficient evidence of this in the fact that among barbarian women, who are generally less perverted physically than civilized women, childbirth is regarded with very little apprehension, since it occasions little pain or inconvenience.

Yes, well, you know how barbarians are…it’s amazing they notice at all when they’ve just given birth.

Okay, them’s the numbers you requested. Thank you for playing. Come play again with me soon. (Because as we learn from Kellogg, you wouldn’t want to play with yourself.) If you throw some more numbers (between 1 and 512) at me, I’ll offer up some more nuggets next week. We’ve barely scratched the surface!

4 thoughts on “morning bowl of flakes

  1. jwbates-
    Yeah, 323 was pretty good. Though the table of contents and the bit on barbarian women were pretty funny, too.

    maverick roark
    Sure thing. Yes, the book is a curiosity…

  2. I find it ever so amusing that you use such a manner of playing as using Dr. Kellogg’s books; I must admit, some of his advice as in Plain Facts For Old & Young is a bit odd and fun to poke at, but I find using his Health Moniter very beneficial. I have some 30 original books of his for I collect them and most things to do with the Battle Creek Sanitarium. If you’ve any literature in request to poke fun of more, just drop me a line, and I leave you with some of the great doctors own word’s; Secret Vice is the silent killer of the night, hah!

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