seeing red

It’s Thursday once more. Which means it’s time for some Themed Things. This week’s Thursday theme is red folks, to follow up on those blue folks. Red-furred, red-skinned, red-shelled, or red cardboard, this post is red all over.

  1. The Devil. The big bad red dude. Frequently portrayed pitch fork-wielding, with pointy horns, and a long pointy tail. And also very red.

    devil_pd.jpg cute_devil.png

  2. Hellboy (2004) A movie starring Ron Perlman about a big, strong guy. Red. Looks like a demon but files down his horns. Based on a comic book character.
  3. hellboy.jpg     frylock.jpg zoidberg.jpg

  4. Frylock, from Aqua Teen Hunger Force. The guy, or technically, the animate red-faced box of fries, with the brains and know-how.
  5. Dr. Zoidberg. The lobster-like alien doctor (from the planet Decapod 10) on Futurama. Fun to quote (note that Fry is a human male):

    Dr. Zoidberg: Now open your mouth and lets have a look at that brain.
    Dr. Zoidberg: No, no, not that mouth.
    Fry: I only have one.
    Dr. Zoidberg: Really?
    Fry: Uh… is there a human doctor around?
    Dr. Zoidberg: Young lady, I am an expert on humans. Now pick a mouth, open it and say “brglgrglgrrr”!

  6. Clifford, the Big Red Dog. A dog. Who is both big and red. A favorite book character from my childhood. Now a franchise with oodles and oodles of Clifford books and merchandise. And a TV show, apparently.
  7. bk_clifford_deluxe.jpg elmo.jpgwilt.png

  8. Wilt, from Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends. Tall, skinny, and red.
  9. Elmo. The fuzzy annoyingly squeaky-voiced Sesame Street character. (Here’s an Elmo link to click at your own risk.)
  10. a_akadouji-kasuga-shrine-1488ad.jpg

  11. akadouji

    Literally “Red Youth.” Also often called Kasuga Akadouji 春日赤童子. A mysterious human figure said to have appeared on a rock immediately in front of the Kasuga 春日 Shrine gate. He often is shown as a youth (Jp. = douji), colored red (Jp = aka), standing on a rock, and leaning on a staff.

  12. redlionjacket.gif

  13. The Red Lion: A Persian folktale and book based on the same by Diane Wolkstein. About a prince who must learn to face his fears and fight a lion. Who is red. (The flag of Iran used to have a red lion on it, too.)

So them’s the red folks. Want more color than just red? Feast your eyes on the latest Carnival of Colors.

10 thoughts on “seeing red

  1. OK, I went into elmo’s world at my own risk. Awesome mentioning Aqua Teen Force- it’s one of my favorite goofy indulgences! I can’t think of anything else to say so I’m going to sign off.

  2. Apparently, “The Red Lion” is the single most common name for British pubs, outranking corkers such as “The Queen’s Legs” and “The Fox and Hound”.

  3. So weird. I wrote this rambling comment about why all the lions on UK flags and coats of arms are red when lions are closer to yellow, musing that perhaps it’s because noone had ever actually SEEN a lion. But then, it’s not here. I must have been tired last night.

  4. ericalee-
    Happy to appeal to your goofiness.
    Don’t know any red mice…
    Yeah, I don’t know what the British red lion symbolism is about. Didn’t really look into.
    Don’t know what happened to your comment. Perhaps it was eaten by a lion. But nobody saw it. (The lion that is. Or for that matter, I guess nobody saw the comment, either.)

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