breakfast of champions

I got to eat chocolate cake for breakfast this morning. Somebody went and left a whole freshly baked cake on our kitchen table. Also a vase of flowers. (I did not eat any of the flowers.)

(Also, I need to change my about page by one character.)

9 thoughts on “breakfast of champions

  1. happeeee berrrrrthdaaayyy?? I neglected to check out whether or not you have the number of years you were married on the ‘about’ page, so that’s my guess.

    If I’m wrong, a berthday is a celebration of a time in your life in which you distinguished yourself from others (as in, to give a wide berth). So that’s really what I was celebrating.

    Okay, I apparently need sleep. And chocolate cake. Mmm…for breakfast.

  2. happy birthday girly friend. i love the umbrellas in the cake.

    and hell, it’s your birthday. eat the flowers if you want to.

  3. Sage-
    Yes, berrrthday. Or birthday. And chocolate cake is highly recommended for breakfast.

    Thanky. Yes, I thought the umbrellas worked. John said he thought they’d burn better than candles, but we didn’t experiment.

  4. 36 is also the new 27. Weird, I know. This whole “x is the new y” thing is very recent, so no one has really figured out how it works yet. I’ve heard it might be like dog years.

    (I’m actually blogging on the subject at this very moment..)

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