(I should have done laundry) yesterday

(I should have done laundry) yesterday

All my laundry seemed so far away
Now I need to dress for work today
Oh, I believe
In yesterday

I’ve lost half the clothes I want to wear
Can’t find any of my underwear
Oh, yesterday
Was laundry day

What I’ll
Have to wear I don’t know
This shirt won’t do
I spilled
Something blue now I’m screwed
For meeting day

Laundry seemed an easy task to shirk
Now I need some socks to wear to work
Oh, I believe
In yesterday

Where I
put my pants I don’t know
I couldn’t say
Goofed off
All day long now I long
For yesterday

Laundry seemed an unimportant job
Now I’ll look like a disheveled slob
I’ll wear what I
wore yesterday


This post can be blamed on the Monday Mission, a phenomenon with a long history of which I only recently became aware, and which is currently being hosted by Painted Maypole. The mission, which I chose to accept and inflict on any unwitting readers, was to rewrite some song lyrics.

If you enjoy this sort of thing, I must refer you to a masterful song re-writer. Mixmaster KC brought to the world an enlightened version of Baby Got Back, as well as a host of other insightful song rewrites.

Update: Still not had enough? To read others of this Monday’s Mission, head over here.

23 thoughts on “(I should have done laundry) yesterday

  1. This is why being a blogger is the best career choice. I did my first paid fashion blogging post wearing stirrup pants and a ten-year-old gimme tee from Starbucks. Everyone just assumes you’re naked anyway.

  2. Alejna, this brought a massive smile to my face. I thought it was poetry and rolled my eyes a bit, but when I read a little I burst out laughing and sang it aloud. I think the neighbours think I’m a bit dodgy now.

    Gimme tea from Starbucks? If I don’t trust them for coffee I certainly wouldn’t pay their russian caravan any heed.

  3. Mixmaster…Noooooo. (but I have a couple of ideas for an album maybe you and I can collaborate on!)

    I dig the song and oh, how I know the feeling!

  4. jwbates-
    You are so speedy…

    painted maypole-
    Thanks for hosting it, and inspiring me!

    I take it you don’t need to do video conferencing, either. Me, I like to work in my pajamas.

    Glad to have made you smile. Poetry makes you roll your eyes, though? Or just really bad poetry?

    Thanks so much!

    You are too kind! And to think, you used the word eloquent to describe my writing on the topic of laundry….

    Many thanks!

    Ah, but Jean. It was pants that led me to the theme. I felt I need to either write about vegetables or pants. And this is where the pants carried me.


    Oooo, a collaboration. Sounds like fun.

    Thank you kindly!

    Thanks to you, too!

  5. Oh, any other week, this could be me. Strangely enough, today almost every item of clothing I wear is clean and I’m suddenly reminded that it’s time to cull some clothes and send them off to goodwill. I don’t have the closet space!

  6. Sage-
    Yeah, we’ve been there, too. Well, are there, too. We need to downsize.

    Ugh. That plumbing business sounds like a very sad song.

    Matt Foxie-
    It is a familiar tale. All too familiar.

    Perhaps I will dedicate to you two when I release my album.

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