one one two two

Today’s date, 11/22/22, sure has a lot of ones and twos. It reminded me of that little poem/riddle/tonguetwister that I was taken with as a kid1:

11 was a racehorse
22 was 12
1111 race 1 day

In case you aren’t familiar, you read each digit by it’s name. (So 11 is “one one”) I don’t have much to say beyond this. Once again, it’s late and I’m tired. (Some day I should graph how many posts included those words. But not tonight2.)

I didn’t particularly even take any photos today. So here are some photos from a couple of days ago. I liked the play of light and shadow in the vines along my driveway. There aren’t too many leaves left on the trees, so the holdouts sometimes stand out. Little splashes of bright color in the largely gray and brown landscape.

1 And that I mentioned more than a few years ago when I made a list of 11 11 things. (And here that’s “eleven eleven” things.)

2 Because it’s late and I’m tired.

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