more than I can chew?

bagel.jpgUm…I have a tendency to throw myself into things with great enthusiasm. And sometimes, this leads to me going a little bit crazy with the amount of things I commit to doing. This is one of those times.

Part of me thinks it’s not a terrible thing. When I get hyper-busy I often tend to get more productive and even overcome hurdles that have been holding me up.

I have thrown myself into several research projects for work/school, with goals of meeting deadlines for submitting to conferences in the next few months. One is even in the next few weeks.

I have commited to co-teaching a class in January, which I’m very excited about.

I told my violin teacher that I would play in the recital in early December.

And then not only did I sign on to blog every day for the month of November for NaBloPoMo, I’ve gone uber-crazy with enthusiasm for it. I’ve added a bunch of blogs to my feed-reading, and started a “group,” complete with its own blog.

You may also recall that I have various other roles that I play, such as “mother” and “wife,” as well as “daughter,” “sister,” “friend,” and “blithering idiot.”

What all of this means is that I will be spread particularly thin for the next few months. Like too little cream cheese for a really big bagel. Though there are some parts of the bagel that really require more cream cheese than others. It’s just possible that some parts of the bagel may get virtually no cream cheese. And I can only be thankful that bagels have a hole in the middle, meaning that at least some parts won’t require any cream cheese. I mean, if a Kaiser roll were the chosen baked-good metaphor for my life, there would be all that much more surface area. But why you’d want to go spreading cream cheese on a Kaiser roll is beyond me. It would probably totally fall apart, since it’s not as sturdy as a bagel. And I’m really hoping that the act of spreading myself around too thinly won’t lead to my life crumbling apart.

11 thoughts on “more than I can chew?

  1. What if the bagel was one of those squishy ones? You know, the kind where the crust is really firm, but the inside is all soft?

    ’cause, you know, I had one of those once, and I was all like, “This bagel is too squishy for my cream cheese,” but I put the cream cheese on it anyway.

  2. Also yucky is when there’s too much cream cheese and it just oozes out when you try and bite the bagel.

    I think a lot of caffeine is in your future.

  3. jwbates-
    Sometimes it helps to toast the bagel.

    Yeah, too much cream cheese is no good either.

    I may have to resort to some butter. As long as I don’t mix butter and cream cheese. That would be gross.

    I thought you might also feel this way about bagels.

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