the downward spiral

phoebe_park_jeep.jpgPhoebe and I got to have a leisurely day together today, after a long week of not having much time together. We celebrated by going to the local playground. It was a bright beautiful day. I had fun following Phoebe around on her rounds.

I didn’t have the camera with me this time, but I did get some pictures from the last time we went, about 2 weeks ago. This seems as good a time as any to share a couple of them. It was a bright warm day last time, and the trees were showing their fall colors. (Most of the leaves are off the trees now.)


And here’s a very short movie, showing Phoebe going down the big spiral slide. (See how much fun I have following her around?)


What with participating in NaBloPoMo, on top of all my other life duties, this promises to be a busy month for me. I have all sorts of things in mind to write about this month, but I expect I’ll have little time and energy to follow through. And just to help keep me from letting my posts degenerate into a series of posts about what I had for breakfast, or possibly worse, posts that are just lists of stuff I meant to write, I figured I should jot down a list of my more honorable intentions.

Stuff I Mean to Write:

  • a bit of a wrap-up of my CSA adventure
  • at least one post on some language topic
  • at least one post of some redeeming social value.
  • at least one addition to the kick-ass women project
  • four more Themed Things Thursday Posts
  • at least one post on pants. A week.

8 thoughts on “the downward spiral

  1. What a cutie-patootie. But you know what? “Following” you guys down the slide made me nauseated. Yeesh. Who needs gravol to go to the playground? Me.

    Colours are beautiful …

  2. Hi, Alejna. I just had 20 minutes to look through old pictures the other day, and I found one of Paul and me going down a slide together, both of us with looks of terror on our faces. (Well, me mostly, actually.) It was an unexpectedly fast slide.

    I found your blog from Gregory’s (not Greg’s). I’ll read and comment periodically. :-)


  3. I have a list somewhere of blog posts I meant to write… would that help?

    (hmm- I of course meant that I could lend you my ideas, but then it occurred to me that you could also cheat a little on NaBloPoMo [wait.. isn’t that a Native American language?] by featuring an occasional “guest” writer)

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